May You Know Joy IN RECOVERY - Mini Intention Card Deck
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May You Know Joy IN RECOVERY - Mini Intention Card Deck

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May You Know Joy IN RECOVERY card deck includes 42 affirmation card to support people in their most mindful and intentional recovery. These cards will inspire connection to one's self, self-reflection, creating intentions and finding greater joy in life. The journey of recovery can be beautiful and rewarding. May these card offer support in discovering that! Ways people can use these cards: - to create a morning intention setting practice - choose one in the morning & have it inspire the day - use them to inspire journalling, meditation, yoga or other mindfulness practices - use them with groups to inspire mindful conversation - they also make a thoughtful and supportive gift to anyone on this journey Their simple beauty and size means they can go anywhere and provide inspiration whenever you need it. I have created based on on 9 years in recovery. My daily intention setting practice, simple steps and commitment to joy have made all the difference. Size: 3.5" x 2.25" x 0.75"