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May You Know Joy Inc.

May You Find Joy Intention Card Deck - Ritual Gift Set

May You Find Joy Intention Card Deck - Ritual Gift Set

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This set includes the May You Find Joy intention card deck, a faux birch card stand and a rose quartz crystal to clear the energy and promote self-love and healing.

This 42-card mini deck is designed to help people connect to the joy within them and around them in simple ways every day. The cards are a simple and beautiful way to cultivate a more joyful life.

They make a thoughtful gift for and create a great self-care practice for anyone.

How people use these cards: - to create a morning intention - as journalling prompts - to inspire their yoga, meditation or other mindfulness practices - as thoughtful gifts - they are used by coaches and retreat leaders to inspire groups - they're used by teachers in classrooms - they are a great conversation starter for friends and family - they are popular in subscription boxes and gift baskets - the perfect way to bring joy anywhere! This is a beautiful ritual in a bag.

Card Deck Size: 3.5" x 2.25" x 0.75"

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