Bamboo Pot Brush | Sisal Fibre Dish Brush
Zero Waste MVMT

Bamboo Pot Brush | Sisal Fibre Dish Brush

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🌎 Pot brushes feature a durable bamboo handle and plant based sisal bristles! 🌵 Sisal is a natural fibre derived from the long green leaves of the ‘agave sisalana’ cactus plant. They are all-natural and sustainably harvested.  💪 These bristles are the perfect combination of durable and soft. From scrubbing dishes in the kitchen to tubs in the bathroom, they will get the job done!

Care: After using, rinse brush and place bristle side down or hang to dry. If the brushes are left in water, it can cause the wood to swell and crack.

ABOUT ZERO WASTE MVMT Zero Waste MVMT is a Canadian company from Winnipeg, Manitoba. All products are designed to help you reduce waste in an economic and eco-friendly way! 

A tree is planted with every purchase!🌲