Fuse and Sip - How to Drink

Fuse and Sip - How to Drink

How to Drink

How to drink...(our drink infusions) - we aren't suggesting that you don't actually know how to drink.  We know you've got that covered, that's why we're friends!  

For our drink infusions:

Fill - Fill a jar with 12oz of your favorite choice of alcohol - we suggest gin or vodka but any booze works from tequila to bourbon (if you want to make mocktails simply add water)

Fuse - Empty the package into the jar, seal it up, and place in the fridge. Fuse for 3 days for maximum flavor.

Sip - Shake & strain into 1.5oz shots.  Add 3-4 ounces of sparkling water, stir and enjoy!  Add a splash of tonic or juice if you like your drink a bit sweeter.

Each infusion package makes 8-10 drinks and contains approximately 5 grams of sugar or 20 calories per serving.  Compare that to a simple glass of juice at approximately 30 grams or 120 calories.

You can remove the ingredients and infuse one more time, just note that the flavors might be slightly muted the second time round. 

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