Fuse and Sip FAQ's

Fuse and Sip FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of alcohol should I infuse my drink mix with?

Recommend mid-range alcohol of either gin or vodka to infuse your drinks with.  

How long until the package expires?

If left in the packaging the ingredients should last 1-2 years.  But we all know you will drink it before then.

How long does the drink last once alcohol is added?

If you strain all the ingredients the flavored alcohol infusions will last indefinitely.  Recommend you wait the full three days to strain the ingredients for optimal flavoring.

Can I eat the fruit and ingredients after the infusion time has passed?

Absolutely!  Just note that they have been soaking in the alcohol so will have a high concentration of alcohol in them - just like if you eat the fruit in a Sangria or the worm in a tequila bottle.

Can I infuse the ingredients a second time?

Yes!  Just note that the flavoring will be slightly muted the second time round.

What happens if I infuse my drink for more or less than the recommended three days?

The intensity of the flavors will change slightly.  We recommend three days of infusion however feel free to adjust and experiment to what you like best.

How should I store the infusion drinks after I have infused them?

We recommend keeping them in a cool dark place with a secure lid.  Either your liquor cabinet, pantry or fridge.

How much sugar and calories are in the premium drink mix?

For our drink infusions:

Each infusion package makes 8-10 drinks and contains approximately 5 grams of sugar or 20 calories per serving.  Compare that to a simple glass of juice at approximately 30 grams or 120 calories.


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